A natural solution to global gut problems

Gut disorders are an increasing challenge in the Western world due to poor diet. But, according to research, an important remedy and preventive measure is biotic supplements and Danish Fermbiotics is now launching products with a unique combination of compounds for re-balancing gut health.

Hundreds of millions of people in the Western world suffer from serious health issues caused by imbalance in their gut flora and the number is increasing significantly with so far no current scientific or medical cure. However, recent research shows that better diet combined with bioactive metabolite, pro- and prebiotics can help solve this global problem.

Bio-specialists Fermbiotics have developed unique food supplements containing all three compounds based on fermented rapeseed and seaweed. – A 100 pct. natural product particularly efficient for re-balancing gut health. The product range include food supplements for humans as well as for pets. Next week, Fermbiotics will represent the Scale-Up Bioeconomy programme at the Scale-Up Denmark National Finale 2019.

One of 12 finalists selected in 12 industries

Fermbiotics is selected as one of 12 finalists in this year’s Scale-Up Denmark National Finale 2019. Next week, the company takes the stage with the other finalists, each representing an industry. Fermbiotics represents bioeconomy and among the other industries represented are maritime, robotics, food and cleantech. The bioeconomy section of the Scale-Up Denmark programme is driven by Spring Nordic.

“We are proud to announce Fermbiotics as our finalist in the National Finale 2019. They are a truly innovative bio-company,” says Mogens Riber, Business Developer at Spring Nordic.

Riber has set out a tailor-made business development programme for Fermbiotics during the past months.

“We believe that Fermbiotics are a highly scaleable company as they present an efficient, natural and climate friendly solution to gut disorders – an increasing health problem affecting more than 10 pct. in the Western world. We therefore have high expectations for them at the National Finale next week.”

The Scale-Up Denmark National Finale takes place on Wednesday 11 September at Musikhuset in Esbjerg where each of the 12 finalists will present their business case and, following that, the jury will select one winner as “the most scaleable company in Scale-Up Denmark 2019”. Read more about the event here.

About Fermbiotics

Fermbiotics develops fermented seaweed and plant products. Their product approach is innovative, and fundamentally different from other approaches seen to date due to their unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics and bioactive compounds. This has resulted in a new category of fermented food ingredients, dietary supplements and medical foods for both humans and animals, which can stimulate a positive gut microbiome (gut microflora) and immune health. The company has an aggressive growth strategy and aims to reach a turnover of DKK 70 M in 2023. Fermbiotics was founded on extensive knowledge and research of its sister company, FermentationExperts. Since then Fermbiotic has developed its own unique knowledge on food supplements for humans and pets.

Read more: www.fermbiotics.com


Facts on global gut health

In Denmark, close to 10 pct. of the population suffers from gut problems such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease (IBD) – functional gastrointestinal disorder. In the US, approx 15 pct. of the population suffers from these diseases and the number has tripled during the past 15 years. Globally, it is estimated that more than 700 million people are affected by the diseases that are under the same umbrella as other lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Recent microbiome research indicates that the cause is imbalance in the gut flora.


About Scale-Up Bioeconomy

A tailor-made development programme for Danish enterprises with international ambitions and potential for high growth within the sectors: Bioeconomy, Industrial Symbiosis, Biotech Production or Biomass Use and Optimization. The programme focuses on: Go to market strategy, organizational development, product maturing and raising capital. We have room for a couple of more applicants this autumn.

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