Climate friendly cooking at Roskilde Festival

Startup company Heliac are solar specialists and have developed a stove that makes it possible to prepare meals solely with the rays from the sun. The solar stoves will be available for Roskilde Festival guests at the camping areas for 100 pct. climate friendly cooking.

Heliac’s core business is generating solar fueled energy in solar fields with low‐cost, high‐efficiency lenses, but at Roskilde 2019 the startup also provides climate friendly cookers for festival guests.

Heliac’s stoves are developed for people in third world countries that otherwise cook with open fires with subsequent negative consequences for climate and health.

Large scale testing at the festival

“We have tested our solar stoves in developing countries and the festival is an opportunity to test our improved product and its user-friendliness on a large scale. We know that many of the young festival guests are concerned about the environment and want to help us make a difference in developing countries,” says Akiko Ishibashi in an article for Innovation Fund Denmark. She is Project Manager at Heliac and sees the test as an opportunity for input, new usage and markets for their solar cooker.

Heliac’s core business is generating solar fueled energy in solar fields with low‐cost, high‐efficiency lenses. The startup has recently opened a large scale solar field in the south of Zealand generating approx one third of the local heating demand in the area. Many more are in pipeline.

About Heliac

Heliac has developed an innovative plastic foil which is a game changer for the solar power industry. The traditional solar energy panels use a system of mirrors to concentrate the sun which are expensive to produce. Heliac’s solution with plastic foil will change all that and recently their first solar energy system opened on the island of Møn consisting of solar panels made of normal window glass with the plastic foil underneath. The cost of producing the foil is half as much as the mirrors and the foil is a more effective catcher of rays. On Møn, Heliac’s solar plant is expected to produce approx. 25 pct. of the local heating demand.

Heliac has been a Spring Nordic portfolio company since 2015. Read more about Heliac here 

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