Welcome to 30 new participants in Growing Food CPH 2019

Megatrends, disruption and impact are key words for the new food entrepreneurs in our accelerator programme for food startups. Tomorrow they begin their first bootcamp day.

“The global mega trends mean great times for food entrepreneurs such as our new participants,” says Louise Heiberg, Investment Manager and food investment specialist at Spring Nordic.

“Many of the new participants in Growing Food fit right into the global trends and have a disruptive focus which is great news because that is what investors often look for. Some of the interesting projects taking part concern plant based and alternative protein products as well as going from waste to high value in terms of new technologies and new products.”

Food solutions for a better tomorrow

Heiberg is one of the internal advisors connected to the Growing Food programme. She explains that the number of investors backing food startups have tripled in four years and as the sector grows, established tech-focused investors have begun to make their first investments in the food sector.

“It is great to see that the next generation of food tech entrepreneurs – a generation which includes the Growing Food participants – are focusing on sustainable agriculture and food production, waste and quality consumption. They are on a mission for a better tomorrow and they are doing business and finding solutions for impact.”

All applicants have been screened by a panel of Business Developers and Investment Managers from Spring Nordic and by Food Scientists from the two partner universities. First bootcamp day is Tuesday 29 January at DTU. Read about the programme and see the timeline for 2019 here.

About Growing Food CPH

Growing Food is a knowledge intensive free accelerator for early stage startups in The Capital Region of Denmark initiated jointly by investment and development experts Spring Nordic, University of Copenhagen (KU) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  30 participants took part in the first round of the programme from November 2017 to autumn 2018. 30 new participants begin on Tuesday 29 January 2019.

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Read more about the programme www.growingfood.dk