Spring Nordic portfolio company heads international project ensuring more green wind power at lower cost

The project, granted a budget of DKK 28.8 m from the Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP programme, involves collaboration between Danish wind turbine blade experts Bladena as project manager and a large international network of 22 wind turbine owners, manufacturers, universities and technology companies.

Larger wind turbine blades equals more green energy, but with the larger blades the structural challenges increase. To address these challenges, Bladena – a Spring Nordic portfolio company – has invented a number of blade strengthener solutions widely accepted in the international wind turbine industry. However, a structural problem in the industry remains unsolved, namely how to cost effectively optimize maintenance strategies for the wind turbine blades and simultaneously create a trusting and mutually rewarding commercial relationship for the key stakeholders in the industry: The manufacturers, the owners/operators and the insurance companies.

A strategy for more green wind power at a lower cost

To solve this structural problem, the Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP fond is now financing a blade maintenance project covering all stakeholders in the field. With Wind turbine blade expert Bladena as lead.

“We are proud to be chosen as manager for this important project and look forward to a close dialogue with the entire value chain in the wind energy industry. Currently, the maintenance and repair of wind turbine blades is very expensive and with this important collaboration we can optimize the maintenance procedures and get more green wind power at lower costs,“ says Find Mølholt Jensen, CTO Bladena.

The project, titled CORTIR, is to reduce the operational costs particularly related to blade damages for all involved stakeholders. The overall aim of CORTIRt is to develop a common strategy regarding the shared goal to reduce costs and thereby optimize the production of wind power in the entire industry.


About CORTIR:  EUDP- The Danish Government Scheme for Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program – has awarded financial support for a total budget of 28.8 million DKK (3.9 million Euro), where the EUDP covers 51%. The 2-year project covers the entire value chain among wind turbine owners, service, insurance, technology companies as well as two Danish universities. The main deliverable is a new decision support tool to improve the decision making for operation and maintenance strategies in the wind industry; the overall objective being to minimize costs and risk.

Project partners are Bladena, AAU Civil Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Kirt x Thomsen, ECC, Guide2Defect, Codan, Global Wind Service, E.ON, Engie, Hofor, EDF Energy, Equinor (Statoil), Innogy, EWII, Acciona Energy, Arise, Ørsted, Enel, Vector Cuatro (Part of FalckRenewable), LM Windpower, Nordex and Vestas.


About Bladena: A Spring Nordic portfolio company, receiving first investment in 2011 when they were a spinout from DTU. Presently Spring Nordic represents a total of 33 % in ownership. Bladena designs and produces wind turbine blade strengtheners for the national and international market. Bladena’s strengtheners makes the wind turbine blades more viable and the company owns 10 patented turbine technologies, each patent providing a valuable structural enhancement to wind turbine blades, which can be deployed in new blades as well as retrofitted in existing blades. 


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