Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy is run by Spring Nordic

The ambitious programme is for enterprises with international ambitions and potential for high growth within the sectors:

Bioeconomy – Industrial Symbiosis – Biotech Production – Biomass Use and Optimization

As a participant, your company will get a tailor made programme and  access to highly specialized competencies, camps as well as collaboration with established leaders in the field. A personal and specialized consultant will follow you throughout the programme to ensure that it meets the challenges and possibilities specific to your enterprise and provides maximum value for your business. Each programme is tailor-made to suit your business needs within four areas:

Capital raising – Go to market strategy – Organizational development – Product maturing 

A programme is from 4 to 12 months and consists of a minimum of 180 expert hours (or up to 540 hours depending on your business challenges).

Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy is part of the national Scale-Up Denmark accelerator program with 12 hubs in total and funded by the EU and the Danish regions. Read more about the national programme.