Spring Nordic combines 30 years of investment and development experience

Spring Nordic is the name of a new investment and development company originating from the former Innovation Incubator CAPNOVA. Our vision is to close the equity gap between very early soft funding and the much later investment when it comes to knowledge intensive entrepreneurs.

At Spring Nordic, we wish to bridge the equity gap between early soft money from Innovation Fund Denmark and the later investment from The Danish Growth Fund. Therefore, former CAPNOVA CEO Kim Ove Olsen and a group of former CAPNOVA staff are now launching a new investment and development company based on 30 years of solid experience in raising capital for and commercialising early stage startups.

Equity gap is a barrier for growth

At Spring Nordic, our focus is entrepreneurs! And to provide the best possible support in order to ensure that their inventions create growth for them and for our society. Through capital, partnerships and a large tech transfer project, early stage knowledge intensive entrepreneurs will be embraced and helped across the equity gap towards becoming robust, viable companies.

”There is clearly an equity gap for early startups, which is a giant barrier for growth and commercialisation, especially for spinouts from the universities and other high knowledge entrepreneurs. The gap is also a serious issue for the growth of our society, because it results in the loss of innovation and jobs,” says CEO Kim Ove Olsen

”At Spring Nordic, our vision is to close this gap through capital and development. We cannot reveal everything right now, but I can safely say that we base ourselves on 30 years of experience in this specific field and that we believe that we are uniquely qualified to help startups grow. Our aim is to contribute to innovation, jobs and export for the benefit of our country – and preferably for the entire Nordic region,” says Olsen.

About Spring Nordic

Our vision is to be the preferred Nordic investment and development partner for the commercialisation of highly specialised startups, primarily from the universities. We achieve this by fostering and fuelling innovative startups through capital, network and business development. Our aim is to bridge the financial gap and guide startups towards robust growth and development. Our present portfolio consists of more than 20 investments (Spring Nordic Capital Fund, former Cat Invest Zealand), a fundraising service as well as accelerator programmes Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy, Growing Food CPH, CPH-Food and BIOPRO. Spring Nordic is based upon 30 years of investment and development experience, the past two decades with CAPNOVA where we have invested DKK 540 million in 350 companies, facilitated investments of DKK 1.7 billion and raised DKK 370 in soft funding.


Contact: CEO Kim Ove Olsen, +45 4040 3838/kiol@springnordic.dk

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Background: About the Innovation Incubator Scheme and CAPNOVA

Spring Nordic is a spin-off company from former Innovation Incubator Scheme (innovationsmiljø) CAPNOVA. On behalf of the State of Denmark, CAPNOVA invested venture capital in innovative early stage businesses until the end of 2018. From 2019, startups can no longer turn to CAPNOVA and the other three governmentally approved innovation schemes due to a political decision to phase out the scheme and allocate the funds to the public bodies, Innovation Fund Denmark and The Danish Growth Fund.