The project, granted a budget of DKK 28.8 m from the Danish Energy Agency’s EUDP programme, involves collaboration between Danish wind turbine blade experts Bladena as project manager and a large international network of 22 wind turbine owners, manufacturers, universities and technology companies. Larger wind turbine blades equals more green energy, but with the larger… Read more »

Business Idea:A ‘stratifier’ ensures that water in a warm water tank becomes split into layers when heated – with the warmest layer in the top of the tank. This leads to better use conditions and electricity savings. Contact: Investment manager Tom Weidner, mobile 2916 6797,  

Business Idea:Heliac develops and produces a high tech plastic foil with a unique nano surface, which effectively and cheaply concentrates sunlight. This technology can potentially revolutionize the process of transforming energy from the sun into heat and may become highly significant in aid programmes and for heating food and water in developing countries. Contact:… Read more »

Business Idea:Infuser has specialised in cleaning polluted air and water. Their technology can be used to clean industrial gasses and has been tested with very promising results. The company is also working on developing a water cleaning technology that will make it possible to transport live fish in containers over large distances, so the fish… Read more »

Business Idea:Norlase has developed a special laser with high stability and optical properties. The technology has potential to become a preferred laser due to its visible light and effect between 1 and 20 Watt. Contact: Investment manager Finn Mogensen, mobile 3092 0031,

Business Idea:Development and production of transparent blends containing the mineral titanium dioxide. The blends are, among other things, used for coating floors, roofs and windows and break down unwanted organic material by means of photo catalysis. The company has also developed a blend that can capture NOx from the air using photo catalysis – in… Read more »

Business Idea:Recycling and conversion of tailings from production of armed glass to new quality products for the car industry. See interview and feature about Ucomposites in TV2 Øst-series Grøn Omstilling. Contact: Investment manager Tom Weidner, mobile 2916 6797,