Year-round solar fueled heating

It may not seem so, but winter is – eventually – coming and so, the sun’s rays will diminish. But with solar specialist Heliac’s solution, solar panels can be cost effective and meet heating demands regardless of fluctuating seasons. Their innovative approach has just landed Heliac a nomination for DI Prisen 2019.

Heliac’s solar panels generate energy with lenses that focus sunlight through a unique and cost effective foil with a magnifying effect. This makes the solar panels 25 pct. more efficient than traditional panels.

“Cost and efficiency is crucial in the much needed transition towards green energy. With our foil we can produce our lenses very cheaply and in large quantities and this makes us able to compete with the price of fossil fuels,” says Heliac’s CEO Henrik Pranov.

He adds that Heliac’s solar panels also rotate with the sun. This means that the panels are always perpendicular (square) on the sun’s rays, making low winter sun just as efficient for the production of heating as high summer sun.

Solar energy for heating, not electricity

Today, more than 80 pct. of the world’s energy consumption for heating or cooling derives from fossil fuels. And in fact, half of the entire energy consumption worldwide goes to heating or cooling.

“When discussing solar energy, focus is often on electricity, but heating is just as important and the potential for solar panels generating climate friendly heating is therefore enormous,” says Pranov.

First solar energy field is open

Earlier this year, Helicac opened a solar energy field on the island of Møn using their unique foil.

“Our solar plant generates approx 25 pct. of the local heating demand in the area – equaling approx 2000 MWh. With our foil we can turn 84 percent of the sunlight into warmth while the best mirror systems only reach around 79 percent,” says Pranov and adds that if the solar panels function according to plan, Heliac will soon be exporting their technology worldwide.

DI Prisen (Danish Industry Award)

Heliac is nominated for DI Prisen (Danish Industry Award) for the development of their unique efficient and cost effective solar panels. Among other nominees are Chr. Hansen and Grundfoss. DI Prisen will be presented on 17 September 2019. Read DI’s motivation for nominating Heliac here.


About Heliac

Heliac is a startup company based in north Zealand and has worked on developing an innovative plastic foil for the solar energy industry since 2014. The foil costs half as much to produce as traditional mirrors and is a more effective catcher of rays. On Møn, Heliac’s solar plant is expected to produce approx 25 pct. of the local heating demand (2000 MWh out of 8900 MWh). Heliac collaborates with E.ON regarding the solar field on Møn and has more plants in pipeline.

Heliac has been a Spring Nordic portfolio company since 2015. Read more about Heliac here .

Heliac also produces solar stoves for development countries which were tested at this years’ Roskilde Festival. Read more about the solar stoves at Roskilde Festival here.